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Free Medical Disposable Mask KN95 White High Filtration Technology Kit

This is a Non-Profit COVID-19 Response Initiative of Sunny Bunny Solar Team. We offer Medical Disposable Mask KN95 Kit contains 5pcs High-Filtration Masks for FREE to anyone in the community who requires support. There are no Fees. No Charges or tricks. Free Delivery to make sure you remain home. More details about the Corona Virus COVID-19 Response Initiative are below. Be Wise. Stay Home. Stay Safe and take care of loved ones.

LIMITED to 1 Kit per household

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Non-Profit COVID-19 Response Initiative:

This Medical-Grade Disposable Mask KN95 Kit contains 5pcs Masks and is entirely FREE for anyone in need. There are no Fees. No Charges or tricks. However, anyone can decide to pay as much as they want or believe is fair. This will help us to get more Personal Protection Kits available for the community to stop spreading the Corona Virus COVID-19. If you are in a position to pay any amount you wish or send a contribution to support this initiative, feel free to do so via PayPal: [email protected]      

Product Features:

- Medical-Grade Disposable Mask KN95 suitable for various scenarios to protect the respiratory system from airborne contaminants and hazards.

- High Filtration rate achieved by 5-Layers of non-irritating and non-allergenic materials. 

- Breathable and comfortable: the mask with multiple filters is capable of dehumidifying and ventilating; it can effectively remove hot and humid gas while blocking haze, ultra-low breathing resistance, more comfortable to wear, help to remove air.

- Face Mask equipped with Elastic Earloops to fit most of people faces (Mainly Adults). Extra-soft ear loops eliminate pressure to the ears. The inner layer is made of soft facial tissue, no dye and gentle to the skin. The lightweight construction improves comfort during use and increases wear time.

- Wide Application: In the hospitals, restaurants, beauty salons, nail shops, pet shops and cleaning as well as other environments that require respiratory protection. Perfect mouth mask when travelling through congested airports, bus terminals, shopping malls, parks and busy city streets.

Product Description:

Medical Disposable Masks KN95 is made with High Filtration breathable technology to provide greater protection for a respiratory system from various hazards including viruses, germs, bacteria, smog, dust, air pollution, pollen and other air allergens, fog, high humidity etc. 

Five Filtration Layers Including:

1. Outer Non-Woven Protective layer filters large particles. 

2. PP Cotton filters PM 2.5 Dust particles. 

3. KN95 Filter Melt Down Cloth next level of filtering harmful particles.

4. PP Cotton provides enhanced filtering of dust particles.

5. Non-Woven Inner layer provides comfort for the skin.  

The surface layer is needle-punched non-woven fabric, non-toxic, odourless, non-allergic, non-irritating and also has good ventilation performance.


Please, dispose of the mask and the package appropriately. Recycle if possible.      

Product Specification:

Type: Medical Mask Disposable

Model: KN95

Material: an inner layer, outer layer: polypropylene non-woven fabric. Filter layer: electrostatic melt-blown cloth

Colour: White

Filtering Rate: ≥95% (0.075μm particles)

Use time: 4-8 hours

Size: One size fits all (General Adult Size)

Wearing method: ear strap

Weight: 6g 

Certificate: CE certificate of compliance 

Standard: GB2626-2006

Package: 5pcs

Package Included:

5 x Medical Disposable Masks.


1. For maximized performance, the mask must be sealed properly around the nose and mouth.

2. Not Reusable. Not washable. Please, dispose of after use;

3. The mask should be replaced in time and long-term use is not recommended.

4. Do not use the mask if it does not fit the face properly as it may reduce the effect of filtration. 

Note: The protection provided by this product may be weakened for long-term use and under stretch or wet conditions.

Please note, we are not in a position of providing professional medical advice and cannot guarantee that the mask will fully protect from the Corona Virus COVID-19. Follow the advice of the medical authority and use the mask in combination with other personal protective items. Avoid public places and stay home if possible. 

Terms and Conditions:

This Medical Mask Kit is entirely FREE for anyone in need or just require it due to the lack of availability in the retails. There are no Fees. No Charges or tricks. However, we offer anyone to decide whether to pay for the Kit and how much anyone willing to pay or believe is fair. This will help us to get more Personal Protection Kits available for the community. 

If you in a position to pay for the Kit any amount you wish or to send a contribution to support the initiative, feel free to do so via PayPal: [email protected]

Be Wise. Stay Home. Stay Safe and take care of loved ones.        


Sunny Bunny Solar is not into medical or personal protection gear business of any sort. We are just a small business like a thousand others across Australia. Due to our cooperation with suppliers in China, we have an opportunity to procure Personal Protection Items that are now in high demand around the globe. We made our choice and got these items to offer those in need in our community or just require these products due to shortness of stock in the retail. Please, get the Kit. It is Free. Want to pay? No problem. If you are willing to join us and contribute to the fight with the spread of the virus, you are welcome. You can contact us directly at any time. 

At the end of the day, when this nightmare will be over, what we will tell our kids or grandkids when they ask us what did each of us do personally when the pandemic has broken out? 

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