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Top 7 Best Solar Christmas Lights of 2023 and Beyond in Australia: Reviews and Buyer's Guide

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Suppose you're feeling festive, but just the thought of decorating your outdoors feels like an enormous effort. In that case, solar Christmas lights are your lifeline. These energy-efficient LED lighting solutions are safe and easy to install literally anywhere around your house, on a porch, in a garden or backyard, BBQ or pool area. Just place a solar panel under the sun to charge it, and you're ready to go.

Fairy light decorations make them a great choice to enjoy long hours of performance without worrying about electricity bills or, even worse, generating emissions that hurt the planet.

Among the unique features of LED string lights is the auto lighting control system programmed to respond to natural lighting to operate the product from dusk to dawn. This built-in allows solar string lights to switch on at night automatically and off during the day.

Outdoor solar Christmas lights are designed to work even under constant exposure to water, dust, or extreme heat to ensure they stay on even when it's dry and dusty. Due to its design, it also eliminates the risk of electric shocks and fires.

Read our verdict on the best solar-powered Christmas lights for the holiday season 

[UPDATED] Covers up to 2024 Season With New Solar Festoon Lights

1. Vintage outdoor solar fairy string lights LED glass bulbs decoration     

Vintage glass bulbs never lose their sparkle. When paired with a black string, it becomes the perfect décor to add a modern, chic vibe to any space. They are versatile and can instantly lend a warm, cozy ambience to any environment through their soft, low-voltage glow.

These vintage string lights are perfect outdoor solar Christmas decorations with a 15 meters long base that gives the flexibility to illuminate an ample space or highlight several ornaments in a backyard. Each commercial-grade durable black string has 15 warm white LED bulbs spaced 90 cm apart. It also comes with a 1.7-meter waterproof cord connecting the solar panel to the first bulb that makes the lighting set easy to wrap around trees or position into certain shapes against a bare wall.

The product is made of high-quality materials that are durable and can last for decades. However, keep in mind that bulbs are actual glass and are fragile.


  • Exclusive Premium Look suitable for a home or business
  • IP65 rating means total outdoor weather exposure
  • additional USB port available for an alternative grid charge


  • Only one colour is available: warm white
  • Glass bulbs can break if treated inaccurately


2. Solar Christmas string lights LED stars outdoor garland decoration

Top 7 Best Solar Christmas Lights - Solar Christmas string lights LED stars

One of the best ways to invite the holiday spirit into your space is decorating it with specially designed solar Xmas lights. Whether you hang them in a straight line or use hooks to lay out several strings like garlands, you can create a cozy vibe to make your guests feel at home.

This Christmas-inspired stars garland decoration comes in sets of stars and moon shapes that deliver adequate illumination. One string is 5.5 meters long and has between 123 to 138 LED beads. A total of 12 strings are attached to each main rope.

The lighting garland comes with a solar panel and a fast-charging battery pack to store energy for days. This makes the product reliable and usable even during some cloudy days or when camping outdoors far away from the access to the grid power. 

The remote control works well and has many different modes allowing adjusting the brightness or shifting between eight (8) lighting modes.


  • Unique design
  • Powerful battery
  • White, warm white and multicolour models are available
  • Dimmable LED light to prolong the performance even when the sun is not as active


  • 5-meter length might not be long enough for a large area, so have to combine a few together


3. Bright solar Christmas lights tree net LED decoration Garden Garland

Bright Solar Christmas Lights Tree Net LED Decoration Garden Garland

Dressing up your gum trees, bushes, and flower beds have never been easier with this product powered by solar. The fairy net lights are string lights woven into a mesh to illuminate different elements of your outdoor space for hours perfectly.

A LED net has a total area of 6 sqm (3m x 2m). All 192 LED beads attached to it are available in white, warm white, and multicolour models. While it runs on solar energy, the lights deliver an impressive brightness that can help to turn your fence and patio into an Instagram hotspot.

Solar net fairy lights are safe to use and are easy to install. Li-Ion battery pack has a capacity of 1200mAh and provides lighting for up to 36 hours when fully charged.

These decoration lights are a great product even for commercial and business applications.


  • New and unique LED net design
  • Long working time (8 to 36 hours if fully charged)
  • The solar panel can be installed on the ground or walls


  • The infrared remote control pad may not be necessary
  • The solar panel needs minimum cleaning to work properly


4. Copper wire solar fairy lights LED string bright Christmas decoration

Christmas tree decorations continue to draw attention every year because their charm arises from the combination of ornaments and unique lighting that create warmth and a cheerful atmosphere.

Classic copper wire solar lights are an energy-efficient lighting option to upgrade your Christmas tree décor for this year's holiday season.

The copper wires are available in two lengths: 12 meters and 22 meters, with up to 200 LED lights attached to them. These lengths allow for flexibility to wrap around palm trees and bushes of any size. It adds an elegant and stunning glow around your patio and even to your reading corner.

What can be better than changing the lights' effects with the remote even if you're 5 meters away from the tree! Timing and brightness can also be adjusted with a few clicks.


  • Sturdy but flexible copper wire string
  • Great length to wrap around any tree size
  • IP65 rating: full outdoor weather exposure


  • The remote control must be pointed directly to the infrared receiver at the back of the solar panel to work well
  • Requires charging under direct sun for at least 4 hours before use


5. Bright solar fairy lights outdoor LED tube string with remote control

Bright solar fairy lights outdoor LED tube string

Outdoor LED tube lights are almost invisible during the day and are stunning at night. The plastic tube casing around the LED string protects the lights from bark scratches or harsh weather conditions. Such design makes it a great product to wrap around trees and railings or layout in a garland on the fence all year round.

This outdoor lighting string is available in 12 or 22 meters with either 100 or 200 LED lights attached. There are eight (8) lighting modes to choose from, and even the brightness and timing can be adjusted with the remote. Colour options available are white, warm white, and multicolour.

This product similar to other solar LED fairy lights is maintenance-free and carbon-free too.


  • The clear plastic tube around the LED string makes it durable
  • Large solar panel with solid battery
  • Automatically switches on and off based on natural light conditions


  • Remote is simple and does not look posh at all
  • Even a 22-meter model length may not be enough for a larger tree


6. Outdoor solar string light bright 100 200 300 LED fairy garden garland

Outdoor solar string light bright 100 200 300 LED fairy garden garland

Using solar fairy lights is one of the easiest ways to transform a dull space into a festive hotspot for the holidays. Even if you have a small space, this all-time classic product has 3 models available to give you the flexibility to choose the best length and colour option that fits the requirements.

  • 100 LED – 10 meters
  • 200 LED – 20 meters
  • 300 LED – 30 meters


Classic fairy lights powered by the sun have been popular for many years. They exude powerful brightness that can be sustained for longer operating hours. One full charge can give up to 36 hours of lighting time. The newly upgraded model comes with a larger solar panel that shortens the charging time of the units and a Li-Ion battery pack to prolong the fun.


  • Unbeatable all-time classic Christmas garland with a variety of length options
  • Versatile can be used for various occasions even after Christmas
  • Easy to wrap around railings, bushes etc


  • Product manual instructions are a bit vague
  • A solar panel must be installed in a sunny well-lit area


7. Outdoor solar fairy lights bright classic LED bulbs string garland

Outdoor solar fairy lights bright classic LED bulbs string garland

Keep the holiday spirit in the air all year round with this lighting product. Classic LED bulbs always add a premium look to any outdoor environment, whether around a house or in a cafe. They are a great piece to enhance the industrial vibe of a red brick wall and a soothing décor for a balcony or patio, not to mention an exceptional pair for a Christmas tree.

These solar LED lights have two available options:

  • 5.5 meters in length has 10 sockets
  • 7.5 meters in length has 25 sockets

The G40 LED glass bulbs are enclosed. In each string, the bulbs are spaced 45cm (25cm for the 7.5 m string) from each other to ensure greater illumination is achieved for every application.

Being solar-powered makes these products a reliable lighting option. Spares are included to replace any broken bulb immediately.


  • Classic-looking real glass bulbs
  • Automatic light sensor – dusk to dawn
  • A micro USB port is an additional to solar charging options


  • No colourful options are available. Only warm white
  • Not as bright as expected


[UPDATED] This review and buyer's guide won’t be completed without covering new models of Solar Festoon Lights that just hit the market this year and will continue to roll towards the 2023 season.

8. Colourful Solar Festoon Fairy Lights Heavy-Duty LED Bulbs String Set

Colourful Solar Festoon Fairy Lights Heavy-Duty LED Bulbs String Set

Vintage-style festoon lights would be in trend forever. Durable heavy-duty black string with transparent medium-sized bulbs has earned its place among the top outdoor decoration products for Christmas or any other special occasion. Suitable for everyday décor this fairy lights set would fit any residential or business environment from a garden patio or pool fence to a café or hotel.   

The string is 15 meters long with 15 sockets for clear shutter-proof PET bulbs located 90cm apart. There are multiple lighting modes to select from and different colours that can be set via the remote control.

The product is made of high-quality materials to provide durability and protection from full outdoor weather exposure. Improved solar panel and 1200mAh Lithium Battery support up to 12+ hours of illumination. The bulbs are not as fragile as glass; however, they can be still replaced individually if necessary.



  • Classic-looking real glass bulbs
  • Shatter-prof classic-looking 15 multicolour bulbs
  • Allows selecting any colour with six lighting modes
  • Comes with Remote Control



  • The lighting set is 15m long and cannot be extended
  • Do not expect bright lighting



9. Outdoor Solar Fairy Lights Bright Classic LED Bulbs String Garland, 25 Bulbs Multicolour Set.

Outdoor Solar Fairy Lights Bright Classic LED Bulbs String Garland

Most of our customers are actually familiar with the product. We were successfully selling it in previous seasons with the only difference: it was presented only on the classic warm white option of 10 or 25 LED bulbs. Now the manufacturer came up with a new model of 25 bulbs in multicolour to complete the range of fairy festoon lights for Christmas. These solar-powered lights are suitable for outdoor with full weather exposure IP65. So they can be installed on the balcony, patio, and garden deck or even hung on the tree. The product is suitable for residential and commercial Xmas decorations.

The string contains 25 coloured G40 LED glass bulbs 25cm apart.

Being solar-powered makes this product easy to install and a simple-to-maintain outdoor decoration lighting option. Spares are included to replace bulbs in case of any accidental damage.



  • Classic-looking real glass 25 multicolour bulbs
  • Four lighting modes to choose from
  • A micro USB port is an addition to solar charging options



  • Each bulb is set in a particular colour
  • Glass can be fragile
  • No remote control. Have to press the button to change the lighting mode

The evolution of Christmas lights has led us to more durable and energy-efficient products such as solar powered Christmas lights aka solar Xmas lights. These days, their uses extend beyond one holiday season with the assistance of dramatically improved solar panels and batteries as power storage. There is no need to wait for the next holiday to take these outdoor LED decorations out of the box. Make every occasion special with these intelligent, durable and power-efficient lighting products.

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