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Solar Lanterns

What should be considered before searching for solar lanterns online?

Solar power is one of the most accessible and affordable sources of renewable energy on the planet. Lanterns are one of the most straightforward and featured inventions of humankind that helps millions of people in the world to light up a dark place as well as to transform the environment around and fulfil it with life and joy. What happens when two of these powerful elements combine? As the result, there are outdoor Solar lanterns. Fully environment-friendly and highly energy-efficient LED lights rapidly came into almost all spheres of human-being and proved their irreplaceable role. LED Lanterns powered by solar energy to illuminate houses, patios, gardens and backyards, decorate outdoor and indoor locations by creating a particular holiday and festive atmosphere, navigate tourists camping and fisherman’s in the ocean, and serve many other valuable purposes. It is unbelievable, but the fact that all these happen without any electricity consumption and related costs. LED Solar lanterns are employed anywhere while people are making use of the sunlight and enjoying their lifestyle with modest LED lighting devices. No wonder it is one of the most popular and selling solar products in the market in Australia.

What are the 360-degree benefits of using outdoor solar lanterns for gardens and backyards?

There are plenty of different types, styles and shapes of LED outdoor solar lanterns for a garden, yard and house available to purchase online, and Sunny Bunny Store are one of the trusted and reliable suppliers for LED lights in Australia. Most of these types of products are loaded with an energy-efficient panel and advanced LED bulb that is never required replacement and will remain bright at all times, providing totally safe lighting without risk of burn or heat-up. The absence of electric wiring makes solar powered lanterns a brilliant independent solution for outdoor areas that cannot be connected to the electricity socket and provides energy and cost savings in the long term. LED lanterns absorb energy from the sunlight during the day and automatically turn the light on when it is dark. The pre-installed rechargeable battery provides up to 6-12 hours of power (an average definition, usually depends on the current product) when fully charged that is enough for late-night dinner in a garden or outdoor party around a house. Among all benefits of LED outdoor solar lanterns, one stands out from the rest of solar powered lights and lighting products. Lanterns usually provide 360-degree of bright LED lighting and just that fact makes it one of the most desirable and must-have lighting solutions for a garden, backyard, patio, terrace or any other outdoor area.

Can Chinese solar powered lanterns be an alternative to other outdoor decorative lights in oriental style?

This kind of LED solar powered lantern is also known as solar oriental lanterns that for most of the Australians means pretty much the same concept of stylish and festive looking outdoor garden decoration. Bright and colourful round shells made out of paper in traditional form or nylon in a more modern and practical appearance are the primary necessary attributes of LED Solar Chinese lanterns for garden and house decoration. The classic colours of them are red, yellow and green; however, nowadays is it common to see lanterns in blue, orange and any other exterior or even on a string with multiple light heads all different colours. Chinese lanterns are very popular in Australia, New Zealand and other countries of Oceania and the rest of the world. They are perfectly matching for a variety of designs and suitable for any time of the year. Oriental LED lanterns can bring up a holiday and festive atmosphere to any place or event and will not suck money out of pocket for electricity bills. Thanks for the panel attached. The lights are also usually included special hooks that make them easy to install by hanging in the area under direct sunlight. The rest convenient features are more or less the same as LED lanterns equipped.

Do not underestimate the power of LED solar camping lanterns

This type of LED lights is strongly recommended to tourists, fishermen and other persons who enjoy spending time and resting outside of cities surrounded by wild nature. Solar camping lanterns are compact, portable and durable enough to deal with any challenges that may happen to them in the middle of nowhere. As it was mentioned, one of the vital features of lanterns, as a kind of light, is 360-degree lighting, and that is where this advantage never performs better than at camping. LED lanterns let to gain the most of the size and functionality by lighting up the significant environment around where electricity is unavailable. It is also a good smart idea to have one of the lanterns for camping in the trunk of the car as an emergency light that does not require much care or maintenance: just leave it for a few hours outside to let a solar panel absorb some sunlight. The built-in rechargeable battery is suitable for storing power till it will demand. Some models of lanterns are also designed as multitask devices with radio, flashlight, and other useful features. Overall, do never underestimate LED solar lanterns, especially at camping or on tourist trips outside of megalopolises.

Light up a life in Australia with powerful LED solar garden lanterns from Sunny Bunny

Solar lights are a fantastic source of decorative and functional lighting for outdoor areas that are taking advantage of solar energy. Sunny Bunny presents an exclusive range of the best quality bright solar garden lanterns from the table and floor lanterns as well as decorative LED lanterns like solar fairy lanterns and hanging lanterns powered by sustainable energy to LED camping solar lanterns and lighting outdoor solutions in Australia. Light up a garden, house outdoor area or campsite with specially selected durable, portable and lightweight LED lanterns and torches available at competitively low prices with Free Delivery all around Australia. All states, remote areas and of course main cities like Brisbane, Cairns, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra with all suburbs are inclusive.

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