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Commercial Solar Street Lights

Traditional grid powered street lights VS commercial solar street lights: the guide to be familiar with before shopping online

The right outdoor lighting provides beauty and dimension to any commercial property, but what about the areas beyond the buildings? Street lights offer a way to integrate extended areas of public roads, pathways and commercial property, from driveways to walkways and beyond, into a cohesive, appealing whole. Installing traditional electric street lights can be both expensive and challenging, and can place an enormous strain on both a company budget and the local power supply. The answer to all of these problems is to use commercial solar street lights instead. Attractive and affordable, professional-grade solar lights for business and residential applications may be the dependable, self-sufficient lighting solution your company needs to stand out.


There is no better alternative to commercial solar powered street lights for business when it comes to outdoor lighting

Commercial-grade solar street lights as an improved version of solar powered lights are a great alternative to traditional electric street lights for many reasons. Perhaps one of the best reasons to choose solar over electric is that there are many different styles of solar street lights so you are sure to find one that has the right appeal. In fact, these lights are an excellent choice for industries including marinas, mining, warehouse operations, and more. In most commercial applications solar street lights look no different from traditional electric models, except they use solar panels and photovoltaic cells to power them through the night. These lights can be seen around on the streets, roads, highways etc.   


Industries in Australia that can benefit from professional-grade street lighting powered by solar energy for commercial application

- Hospitality including hotels, cafes, and restaurants;

- Mining Industry; 

- Construction Industry; 

- Logistics with areas like perimeter and security solar lighting; 

- Roads and Traffic Control industry; 

- Marines, Ports and Yacht Clubs. 

- Petrol and Car Service stations;

- Agriculture;

- Public Sector including streets, parks and playgrounds, sports fields, common areas etc.


Are commercial-grade solar street lights more affordable than traditional types of outdoor lighting for business?

Another reason why commercial-type LED solar street lights are a great choice is how affordable they are when compared to traditional lighting. Installing electric street lights can be a lengthy and costly process, often requiring the installation of underground wiring and conduit. They also need a connection to the local power grid; run by a utility company that will be happy to charge you connection fees, repair and maintenance costs, and then charge you by the hour to run the lights as well. Commercial solar street lights, on the other hand, are faster and easier to install, most simply requiring solid footings for the poles. This means that they can be placed anywhere, even in areas that are not near existing wiring or the local power grid. They also won’t add a dime to your energy bills, significantly reducing the cost of keeping the lights on for many years to come.


Lighting independence for any size business

Keeping the lights on can be a challenge for other reasons, as well. If the power grid fails, causing a blackout, anyone with electric street lights will be instantly in the dark. Severe weather can sometimes interrupt electricity service, as well, adding darkness to the other hazards that rough conditions bring. But with commercial solar street lights, your property, roadways, and other areas will stay safely illuminated. Because solar street lights do not depend on a power grid, they can stay lit even if the power goes out everywhere else. There are also self-contained, meaning if one light does happen to go out, the others will still stay on. In difficult times, you can rely on your commercial solar powered street lights to be part of a solution.


Commercial solar street lights and road lamps are highly durable products designed to provide high-intensity light at night while consuming no electricity. Most of these solar lighting systems use LEDs as the lighting source due to enhanced quality and lifespan, improved brightness and reliability of lighting. 

What are the main reasons for a business to choose industrial-grade solar street lighting?

    • Energy Independence when the electrical grid is unreliable or unavailable;
    • Fulltime protection from power outages;
    • Inexpensive installation and minimal requirements for the project; 
    • Low maintenance and close to zero running costs;
    • Sustainability in business operations will be noted. 


Where to look for the best range of professional LED solar street lights for a commercial business application to buy online in Australia? 

There is an incredible amount of benefits from supplying almost anything from the internet, and high-intensity powerful industrial-grade solar lights are no exception. Online you got direct access to multiple types of commercial lights from suppliers in Australia and overseas. 

For example, Sunny Bunny Solar Power Store is one of the biggest online retail- and wholesale suppliers of solar lights in Australia with the best selection of commercial solar street lighting for business and high-end residential applications. It provides customers with almost direct access to the manufacturers that guarantee not just the best prices, but also the great value on purchases with free delivery to any part of Australia. There are solar products and instant solutions for every project and business.

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