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Solar Animal Repellers

The secret of thousand of Australians who keep their outdoor property free from unwanted creatures and pests is the simple solar animal repeller

Most of you already must have heard about this close to a magical way to get rid of annoying unwanted visitors to the garden, orchard or even home porch without any expensive or dangerous operations. We are talking about one of the most up-to-date, humane and at the same time, an efficient ways called an ultrasonic solar animal repeller. First of all, it is entirely not noticeable due to devices emitting some high-frequency sound waves that scare pest creatures away while remaining silent or nearly silent to humans. Ultrasonic repellent frequencies are used to deter irritating, confusing, and intimidating unwelcomed animals within a specified range. It does not harm anyone or anything but causes enough discomfort to make nuisance wildlife stay away from that specific area.

The multipurpose solar animal repellent with ultrasound makes it the supreme protector of households, backyards and gardens, porches as well as buildings, greenhouses, and other outdoor areas and structures.

Ultrasonic animal and pest repellent

Another benefit worth mentioning is its solar powered feature. With an energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly solar panel along with a rechargeable battery, the ultrasonic solar animal repeller can function for days without any maintenance required. This approach is ideal for those who are looking for a fast, safe, effortless and cost-efficient way to keep nuisance animals at a distance from the home without using toxic poisons or cruel traps. 

Major facts about animal repellers and repellents that would make you feel like a pro

Almost all natural repellents generally work through exercising an animal's instincts something that they have learned to avoid in wildness. For instance, some creatures will stay away from anything that has the odour of particular predators. In fact, tiger urine is extremely effective when it comes to keeping wild animals away. As an alternative, according to scientists from the University of Florida USA, chemicals can play a role of repellent as well. If someone wants to dig even deeper, there are substances like peppermint, pepper, garlic, different essential oils and so on that potentially may also do the job. For those who are into getting more proof, please, go ahead and do some more research on what can keep your place free of annoying wild creatures

The question is whether you want to spray every corner of our house, garden or backyard with someone’s urine or leave some smelly toxic chemicals around? Exactly! That is why we are going to talk about modern high-tech solutions like Electronic Animal Control. There are several types of devices powered by various sources of energy including solar that are designed to repel, scare or eliminate wild animals and pests whether they are foxes, rabbits, neighbour cats or dogs or rodents kind.

There are only a few types of electronic solar animal repellers depending on the repel effect whether it is Electromagnetic impulses, Ultrasonic Sound or Radio Waves. Let’s look at them in detail and see what kind suits what purposes. 


Electromagnetic (also can be seen as an EM) Pest Repelling Devices are aiming to affect the nervous system of various pests including some ants, mice and other rodents. However, due to numerous reasons, these deterrents are not present on the market. 

Ultrasonic (Ultrasound Waves)

This kind of repeller uses Ultrasound Waves and is the most up-to-date and prominent at the moment. Ultrasonic solar animal repellers are versatile and almost ideal general-purpose devices to guard outdoor areas from irritating animals. These repellents can be applied to deter a wide range of mammals like foxes, cats, dogs, and possums and stop rodents and other pests including mice, rats, rabbits, moles etc. from digging up your backyard, garden, flower beds, and also from spreading around some dangerous diseases. Ultrasound is a well-known and reliable way to keep nuisance creatures away from your property. The Repeller provides consistent protection in so many ways over large areas, and it is comfortable and safe to use it.

Ultrasonic solar powered repeller range explanation

Ultrasonic Devices function by emitting short wavelength, high-frequency Sound Waves that cannot be heard by our ears. Human beings are generally unable to hear sounds higher than 20 kHz or 20 000Hz. Moreover, ultrasound does not cause any harm to us, our pets or even pest animals. Unwelcome wild intruders survive and do not get injured at all; they find the particular sound unbearable and prefer to stay away from such areas to escape it.

Solar panels can power up an ultrasonic animal repeller almost non-stop when there is sufficient sun.

Here is the generally accepted range of ultrasonic waves and their repel effect on various wild and domestic animals and pests. 

Frequency in a range between 13.5kHz and 19.5kHz is generally suitable to repel smaller size animals like different types of rodents, rabbits, rats, mice, moles, foxes etc. 

Frequencies between 19.5kHz to 24.5kHz are proven to be effective against medium-size animals such as racoons, dogs, cats, possums and others. 

Frequency 24.5kHz to 45.5kHz are capable of scaring away bats, some birds, rodents etc. 

Useful Tip on how to control the frequency:

The majority of the models have an external control button that changes and regulates the output frequency of waves to adjust it for specific pests and also to make sure that wild creatures will unlikely get used to the sound and build up some tolerance to it. 

Radio wave pest control

Radio Wave (RW) or Radio Frequency (RF) can also be used to control the behaviour of living organisms. A number of scientific studies prove that these methods can be applied as an alternative to chemical solutions to protect the harvest from pests. That sounds promising, however, is not helpful to protect the Australian backyard from unwanted visitors. 


In conclusion, there are few options when it comes to different types of repellers and repellents to scare wild animals and annoying domestic dogs and cats. The ultrasound items that emit a high-frequency noise that does not bother humans are probably the most efficient option among electronic devices.

Based on some sources, these types of non-lethal and non-chemical deferrers are quite debatable just because the efficiency can vary from person to person and may depend on the environment and plenty of other factors. However, some research and scientific studies conducted in the last decade have found substantial evidence to prove that ultrasonic solar animal repellers do work. They are also considered a safe and humane way of getting rid of various pests.  

What features can supercharge your ultrasonic device and make it a real nightmare for wild animals and pests?

Below we review a few of the most common features that usually increase efficiency and strengthen the deterring effect of electronic solar powered animal repellers like a strobe light, Motion Sensor and Solar Panel. 

Strong flashing LED Lighting

Today most electronic animal repellers especially those that are independently powered by solar are equipped with LED strobe lights. In addition to ultrasound, such devices have LED bulbs that flash with bright lighting when activated. This light is very unusual for nature and therefore efficiently scares wild creatures, especially larger animals. For example, in Africa, this LED technology helps to repel lions. In Australia, it can be useful against foxes, dogs etc. 

PIR Motions Sensor as a feature of Ultrasonic solar powered animal repeller

Another feature that recently became almost a must-be for the most electronic repelling devices is the infrared Motion Sensor. The principle of work of it is similar to infrared PIR sensors on security and emergency lights with the only difference that motion radar triggers repel functions of the product: Ultrasonic Wave or LED Strobe Flash.

Solar animal repeller with Motions Sensor

The sensor can pick up the movement between 5-10 meters that are reasonable to protect your garden from pests. Once the motion is detected, an animal repeller turns on, a red light flashes for a few seconds, and a speaker will send an ultrasound wave for about 15-20 seconds to scare an animal. The last step is the device will return to standby mode until the next motion is identified.

The conclusion is the motion-activated solar powered animal repeller we described above operates only when the sensor is triggered, so once the creature has left the area the repellent will stay inactive. This approach is right from an energy-saving perspective and is widely utilised in remote areas and parts of the property.  


Useful Tip on how to operate the PIR sensor:

For the most Solar Powered Animal Deterrents the degree of the infrared sensor can pick up the motions is set up and usually vary between 110-120 degrees, while the actual sensitivity of radar can be adjusted. That helps to protect homes and other outdoor zones in the most effective way. 

Electronic Solar pest control with PIR

Solar Panel energy source

A power source for electronic repellers is one of the most crucial aspects, especially in remote outdoor locations like farmer’s fields or even further corners of a backyard. However, there is a reliable solution on the market. Solar powered animal repellents have a massive advantage over traditional power supply devices. The energy of the sun makes the power supply of anti-pests units wholly autonomous and provides an enormous practical benefit as a Repeller does not depend on connection via a wire to an external source of electricity.

Most of Solar Panels attached to devices power up a set of rechargeable batteries during the daylight hours with sufficient energy to supply its work through the night and so on the next day. That method allows pest repellers to run non-stop 24/7. Day and night, the Ultrasonic Solar Powered Animal Repeller device detects and repels all kinds of unwanted foxes, rabbits, cats and dogs, squirrels and possums, wild boars and all other nuisance animals. 

To summarise, an electronic pest control solutions like solar powered ultrasonic animal repellers are a great way to keep wild animals away without toxic and hazardous chemicals or cruel traps. The most advanced models of solar animal repellers can be incredibly featured like, for example, solar ultrasonic animal repellers with motions sensor and LED strobe lighting items. As can be seen from the title, it has almost all available add-ons that will provide extra protection for the area. What is necessary to remember is that it is essential to choose a specific ultrasonic solar powered pest animal repeller based on particular needs and kinds of animals and pests that annoy you.  

ultrasonic solar powered garden animal repeller 

Recommendation for application of outdoor electronic solar animal repellers or how to squeeze the maximum out of a deterrent device 

As discussed earlier, electronic solar powered animal repellers that are capable of scaring pests and nuisance creatures have a lot of power to keep your garden clear of unwanted visitors. However, it is important to understand that such high-tech items should be adequately assembled, installed and maintained.  

Areas that are the most suitable for installation:

Backyards and gardens;

Pools and patios;

Farmer’s crop fields and orchards;

Private and Commercial property;

Parks and Golf courses;

Sports grounds and football fields;

Airfield perimeters etc. 

solar garden and orchard animals repellent

Things to keep in mind about the coverage area or repelling devices

For most solar powered ultrasonic animal repellents, the active covered area for yards, gardens and other open outdoor locations is about 100 sqm or about 10m from the head while the maximum of the effect account for the front part of the item where a speaker is located. However, the distance may vary on the actual product and its specification. 

Things to remember about solar powered devices

A solar animal repeller like any other solar powered product requires plenty of sunlight to allow the panel to recharge the batteries. The item should be installed under the direct sun in an unshaded area where the device will be able to receive maximum sun during the day.


The list of wild and domestic animals that can be scared away by solar animal and bird repellers includes:

The best effect can be seen in following Australian and other habitat pest creatures: mammals like deer, foxes, wolves, raccoons, possums and opossums, skunks, rabbits, feral cats and dogs, wild pigs etc., rodents including squirrels, rats, mice, moles, voles, beaver etc., bats, some kind of birds and others. It is almost impossible to mention all animals and creatures in Australia; nevertheless, it provides you with an idea of product application.  

Ultrasonic solar powered garden animal repellers and other electronic deterrents can be suitable for solving simple household cases that require, for example, a single device installation with a strong effect, but environmentally safe and eco-friendly approach. Electronic solutions like ultrasonic products operate to deter wildlife without harming animals or the environment (unlike comparable poisons or traps). Solar powered versions of protection devices are usually last longer and preferred by many Australians as a primary method of animal and pest control.


Most frequent questions about outdoor solar animal repellers and pest repellents and their functions

Q: What is the difference between ultrasonic and sonic deterrent devices?

A: The main difference is that the active repel element whether is Ultrasound or Sound Waves. The ultrasonic wavelength can be heard by most animal mammals and rodent pests which feel uncomfortable and therefore vacant the area, while Sonic Sound can be assessed mostly by birds. When you are choosing between these two, it is necessary to understand the difference and pick the right one depending on purposes.     

Q: There is a lot of controversial information around on the Internet about the efficiency of electronic pest control devices including solar animal repellers.  Does it really work?

A: Short answer is yes. There is serious research on ultrasound's influence on various kinds of wild animals that can be found online. Scientific studies found strong proof that such waves are harmless, but have a deterring effect on most pest creatures. The issues with repellent in most cases can be a result of incorrect setup or inappropriate use. Therefore, we suggest you should carefully read the instruction first and follow all steps including the selection of a frequency for a particular animal. Also, it is necessary to understand that, for example, a PIR motion activated repeller does not emit ultrasound for 24 hours and only does that when the motion in a specific range is detected. In other words, if the rabbit is not close enough to the device (about 10m with a 120-degree angle), even the much-featured model of repellent is unable to spot the rodent and take action. Therefore, it is advisable to install several items to guard the large outdoor area.       

Q: I recently bought an animal repeller from eBay, set it up and turn on, but it seems like nothing happens. How can I check whether it works or not?  

A: First of all, we would highly recommend purchasing electronic solar animal repellers only from trusted Australian retailers and shops where you can be sure of the quality of the product. Second, the device may be on; however, you may not even notice that until an animal activates the function. Moreover, even in this case, ultrasound as a main repel tool cannot be heard by the human ear. The best way to check is to wave with your arm in front of the sensor and see if any LED lights are going on that would indicate that there are no major issues and the unit is at least got power and reacts to the motion.     

Q: Is it safe to operate an ultrasonic animal repeller if I have a dog?

A: Generally, ultrasonic devices are known for their safety for human beings, domestic pets and any other creatures. It is completely harmless to use the product for any animals including cats and dogs. However, we would advise you to manually turn it off when your pet is around or just do not allow your dog to go in front of the repellent that will activate ultrasound waves which can be disturbing for your four-legged friend.     

Q: How reliable are solar powered repellers regarding working ours?

A: It may depend on current products, but generally speaking, most devices with Solar Panel are designed to stay active at night for up to 8-10 hours when fully charged. At the same time, for example, an LED strobe flash may discharge the battery faster if it constantly reacts to the motion in front of the PIR sensor.       

Q: Where can I find a trusted supplier for Solar Animal Repeller in Australia?

A: There are numerous options available today especially when it comes to shopping online. However, if you are looking for a trustworthy retailer, we would recommend checking the range of outdoor solar ultrasonic repellers at Sunny Bunny Australia 

Q: What can you recommend if I live in a rural area of Queensland where there are not many shops around?

A: In such a case, an online shop would be the best place to look for Solar Animal Deterrent products. Most probably, it would be beneficial to look for the item at online retail websites that provides delivery to the countryside of the state and would not charge a fortune for that. For instance, Sunny Bunny Solar offers free delivery to all Australian states and territories including Queensland, Northern Territories, South Australia and Western Australia, Tasmania and ACT, not to mention New South Wales and Victoria. It covers cities like Brisbane, Cairns, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and all others including the suburbs.  


Solar Animal Repellers Reviews based on customer’s experience

«The electronic solar animal control device that I purchased works great. I have been using it for two weeks and had nothing to a complaint on. The main issue was a neighbour’s cat in on my backyard. After I stepped into its shit, it was the last drop! I put the item in a corner and turned on as instructed in the manual. Since then have not touched the box. I have not seen the cat for a while. Highly recommend this product». Gregor, Queensland 

«I got one of these solar powered animal repellers to get rid of dogs. I mounted it in the front yard pointed towards the street to protect the house. It works. The only problem people who are passing by get the device activated. It does not bother me since I cannot hear anything, but neighbours were a bit scared. Good product!». Rhonda J., Western Australia   

«This was advertised as a viable for rodents that are not welcomed in my garden. I have seen a lot of rabbits around before. When I get the ultrasonic solar animal repeller, it looks like there is much less of these pests, however, from time to time one or two still sneaks in.  I feel like it does the job, but at the same time does not solve the problem completely. Maybe there are wrong settings or so». Mathew, Victoria. 


Coming soon: Top 5 Best Solar Animal Repellers on the Australian market in 2023-2024.

We are going to select for you the best of the best solutions to protect your garden from pests.

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