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Commercial Solar Flood Lights

Traditional flood lights VS commercial solar flood lights: the guide to consider before deciding to buy online 

Outdoor lighting is one way to create a lasting visual impact as well as enhance property safety measures. Flood lights, in particular, are the lighting option of choice for a wide range of commercial and business applications. Flood lights typically deliver a wide cone of light and so are often the best choices for large spaces. They also come with one or more adjustable heads, helping you customize where the light is focused. But traditional floodlights have many disadvantages, including a complicated installation process, expensive utility bills, and may even become a fire hazard. To get the benefits of flood lights without the hassle, consider going solar instead. Using commercial solar flood lights, you can create the bright, consistent floodlighting you need around buildings, structures, and other commercial areas. 


What are the advantages of commercial-grade solar flood lights for business in Australia?

Unlike traditional electricity-based flood lights, commercial-grade solar lights are easy to install and maintain. Installing new wiring, whether on a building’s exterior or underground, can be an expensive and time-consuming process. Traditional flood lights need to have existing electric wiring in place before they can be installed, limiting where you can have them placed. If the intent is to eliminate dark corners and keep your property safely illuminated, traditional lights may not be up to the task. Commercial-type solar flood lights, on the other hand, can be placed almost anywhere, with no need for additional wiring. There are no wires or high-voltage connectors to worry about that makes the installation process faster, safer, and less expensive. 


How much business can save by switching from the grid to solar lighting? 

Another great advantage of professional-grade solar flood lights for commercial and industrial application is the savings you’ll enjoy on your energy bills. Powered by solar energy, flood lights for commercial use will never become a drain on your utility budget. During the day, the flood light’s solar panels generate power from the sun’s rays and store it in a special battery. These batteries are designed to be recharged over and over again, making them one of the most durable options available for renewable outdoor lighting. When needed, commercial solar flood lights for business can then be used throughout the night for safe and consistent lighting. Without the need for electricity, this type of LED flood lights can offer significant utility savings over the many years they last.


Note: Commercial solar flood lights are much more powerful than the lighting fixtures for residential applications. Some of the models deliver powerful bright lighting equivalent to 50W, 100W, 150W, 200W and 250W. Imagine the costs of running this much power from the energy grid all night long seven nights a week! This would cost a business a fortune in Australia! Solar lighting is a great alternative solution with minimum or close to zero maintenance and running costs.    


Powerful solar lights from a safety perspective

Commercial solar flood lights are also one of the safest options for bright outdoor lighting. Traditional electric flood lights can get hot over long hours of use, or even create sparks should the electrical wiring malfunction. But with professional-grade LED solar flood lights, their safe and efficient design ensures long-lasting brightness without the risks of overheating or electrical fires. This means that commercial solar powered flood lights can be installed in places that would be too dangerous for traditional electric lights, adding more flexibility to your total commercial lighting system. This is particularly helpful in industries like farming, construction, and warehousing. Wooden structures, flammable products, dry vegetation, and shingle roofing are all safe from common fire hazards posed by electric lights when you use industrial-type durable solar flood lights instead.


What industries in Australia can benefit from commercial flood lighting powered by solar? 

- Hospitality including hotels, cafes, bars and restaurants around Australia;

- Strata and Property Management business;

- Mining Industry including but not limited to coal mines and iron ore mines, factories, logistical, servicing sites and facilities; 

- Oil and gas extraction sites;

- Construction; 

- Logistic companies with perimeter and security solar lighting. 

- Traffic Control and roadworks organization;  

- Marines, Ports and Yacht Clubs. 

- Petrol and Car Service stations;

- Agriculture;

- Public Sector including streets, parks and playgrounds, bus stops and bus shelters, common areas etc. 


Where to find the best range of LED solar flood lights for businesses to buy online in Australia? 

There are a tremendous amount of benefits from ordering almost anything from the internet, and industrial-grade solar lights are no exception. Online you got direct access to multiple types of LED business and commercial lights from suppliers in Australia and overseas. 

For example, Sunny Bunny Solar Power Store is one of the biggest online retail- and wholesale suppliers of solar lights in Australia with the best selection of commercial solar flood lighting for industrial and residential applications. It provides customers with almost direct access to the manufacturers that guarantee not just the best prices, but also the great value on purchases with free delivery to any part of Australia. There are products and ready-to-go solutions for every project and business. 

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