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Solar Shed Lights

What should be known about solar shed lights before purchasing?

Solar shed lights became increasingly common over the last years since the prices for electricity rose up and the concern about climate change stood up. This type of lighting is surprisingly bright in comparison with other lighting products powered by solar and, moreover, extremely easy to install by fixing it to the wall, fence or any other surface and operate. The fact that it does not require any electrical wiring and operational cost also contributes to the popularity of shed lighting. It is energy-efficient and would not add a dollar to the electricity bill no matter how long it is exploited. Most of the traditional lighting needs qualified professional installation, while the solar shed lights can be quickly and safely attached by amateurs in home improvements.  

What types of LED solar shed lights are present on the market in Australia? 

Most of the LED solar shed lights are designed both for indoor and outdoor use which makes them universal and therefore more popular on the market. Usually, this kind of lighting is ideally suited for residential or commercial use, for example, for illuminating particular areas or finding a way to a house, garage or any other buildings at night. Some of the lights might even come with a motion sensor; however, most of the models have a conventional switch on/off. Garden solar shed lights are another popular model in Australia since many people use their gardens and backyards all year round and prefer to maintain the proper lighting in the place of their residence.  

Basic principles of LED outdoor shed lights to consider

Almost all modern models of outdoor solar powered shed lights contain LED bulbs that provide bright and clear performance with low consumption of power resources. One of the most spread kinds of this lighting has 10-12 LED bulbs and up to 40-60 LED pieces for super bright products. Even this amount of bulbs supplied with solar power comes from solar panels attached to the top of the light. During the day, it absorbs the sun's rays and converts it into energy that is stored in a rechargeable battery until the night. Most of the models have pre-installed batteries so customers do not need to worry about that, but it is still better to pay attention to that detail in the description of the product. Nowadays solar shed lights usually come with Li-Ion batteries which are considered advanced options and last longer than others. The lighting time varies from model to model but often shed lights provide long bright illumination for up to 6-8 hours when fully charged. Some projects require industrial-grade solar lights designed for business to last and perform accordingly. These models may cost more, but in the long run, may save money for businesses by cutting down the electricity costs and installation overheads. 

What is offered by Sunny Bunny Australia besides free delivery?

Sunny Bunny Solar Power Store is one of Australia’s leading companies in supplying solar powered lights and products and also offers a wide range of solar shed lights. There are different models, styles and amounts of LED bulbs available to choose from and purchase online. Most of the product costs range starts from $40 and exceed $100 for the newest and featured model. So before buying any solar lights, we advise reading all the descriptions and reviews available on the site. That will help to make the best choice for money value. In addition to that Sunny Bunny also offers free delivery to any part of the state of Australia and New Zealand. 

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