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Solar Security Lights

Top facts to know about wireless outdoor LED solar security lights with motion sensors before purchasing online

In fact, personal security is one of our biggest concerns in Australia. Outdoor LED solar security lights with a sensor can provide families with the necessary safety and peace in mind. These LED lights are easy to install even in places where wired electricity is not available. Security lights are ideal for areas like at the side of the home where rubbish bins are or on a side entrance gate, next to a garage or across the backyard and garden. Most of the lights are equipped with lithium-ion batteries, a variety of mounts including wall fixtures and a number of LED bulbs that would directly affect brightness. LED security lights have few control settings including sensitivity, motion sensor range, time delay while the light is on and others. All these lights are needed is a direct sun to recharge the battery which makes these products extremely convenient to use. 

So, if you are looking for some safety add-ons to a house, balcony, patio, garden or backyard, we would recommend considering exterior LED solar security lights with a PIR sensor. 

How can security sensor light help to improve personal security and protect property?

Solar lights work for a variety of different purposes and security is one of the most crucial of them. LED solar security sensor lights can properly maintain the necessary protection of a venue whether it is a home, parking or any commercial building. Once someone approaches the property within the range of motion sensitivity, the device will detect movement and the light will turn on. On top of that, sensor lights can provide necessary emergency lighting which means no more tripping over objects that are hardly visible at night.

Considering the fact that 10-15% of all energy consumption in residential houses and buildings in Australia comes from lighting, Sunny Bunny Solar recommends outdoor solar powered security sensor lights as a potential solution for the significant reduction of energy costs. 

There is an increasing demand for external security lighting from businesses in various industries including construction, mining, logistics, hospitality etc. As a result, there is a soaring offer of high-quality and top-performance commercial business-grade solar powered lights with enhanced security features. These outdoor lights with bright LED and high-capacity batteries do not require an electricity grid and can stay on for up to 3-4 days to sustain rainy days. 

Essential features of solar powered security lights to understand before searching online

Outdoor security lights are a type of LED lighting usually framed with metal for better protection. In Australia, these lights are hung around houses and commercial buildings, in private gardens and public parks, backyards, parking and garages, areas where full time lighting all over the night is not efficient. 

It is essential for solar powered sensor security lights to be placed in areas where they can receive a maximum of sunlight. During the daylight, these exterior lamps can absorb the sun's power and transfer it into the energy that is stored in the rechargeable battery until the night comes.

The motion sensor is a unique aspect of security lights. This is the reason Australian homeowners have security lights with motion sensors installed around their properties. 

Where to find the best LED outdoor solar security lights in Australia to buy online?

Picking outdoor LED lights for security or emergency is not easy and requires few factors to consider. The area and the state of Australia are important since they would affect how much sunlight is available around the year. Sensor security lights come in different designs and aspects such as weatherproof, weatherproof or heat-resistant. Most exterior solar security lights are known for their easy installation process, however, it is still better to know in advance how much work and time it may take. 

In conclusion, all wireless solar powered security lights with the sensor are suitable to fulfil their purpose, some perhaps better than others. A trusted and reliable supplier for these lights is always a good start for research. For example, Sunny Bunny Solar Australia offers one of the lowest prices on the market and free delivery in Australia and New Zealand. All products in stock can be shipped to all states New South Wales, North Territories, South Australia, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania and Australian Capital Territory, and cities like Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, and others. 

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