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Not-For-Profit COVID-19 Response Initiative To Support The Community

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Sunny Bunny Solar team launched a not-for-profit initiative to support the community members and prevent the spread of the Corona Virus in Australia. The company offers thousands of essential personal protection items for Free for those who find themselves in hardship or simply cannot procure such equipment in retail.   

This is a Not-For-Profit COVID-19 Response Initiative of Sunny Bunny Solar Team. We offer some essential Medical Personal Protection Kits for FREE to anyone in the community who requires the support at this time. There are no Fees. No Charges or commercial tricks. Free Delivery is included to make sure people remain home and do not have to purposely expose themselves to the risk of catching or transmitting the virus.

Help To Get Our Life Back To Normal

The initiative is entirely no-for-profit as we have no intention to take advantage of the situation and make money while thousands in Australia and millions in the world are suffering every day.

Sunny Bunny Solar is not into medical or personal protection gear business of any sort. We are just a small business like a thousand others across Australia that does not have the right facilities to support the government with producing the medical items and equipment that is in short. However, due to our cooperation with suppliers in China, we have an opportunity to procure some Personal Protection Items that are now in high demand around the globe. We made our choice and got these items (as many as we initially can afford) to offer those to our community members who require support or just cannot get these products in hand due to shortness of stock in the retail.

The Kits are Entirely Free. Want to pay? No problem. If you are willing to join us and contribute to the fight with the spread of the virus, you are welcome. You can contact us directly at any time. Please, tell about this initiative to as many people as you can so it will reach those who require assistance.


At the end of the day, when this nightmare will be over, what we will tell our kids or grandkids when they ask us what did each of us do personally when the pandemic has broken out?


How To Proceed With The Initiative?

The personal Protection Kits we have available are entirely FREE for anyone who requires support. There are no Fees. No Charges or tricks. However, anyone can decide to pay as much as they want or believe is fair. This will help us to get more Personal Protection Kits available for the community to stop spreading the Corona Virus COVID-19.
If you are in a position to pay for the Kit any amount you wish or send a contribution to support this initiative, feel free to do so via PayPal: [email protected]


Not in the best financial situation right now? Do not worry, you are not alone. Please, get the Kit and make sure you follow the instructions issued by the medical and government authorities. We all want our normal lives back as soon as possible and literally anyone has the power to make this happen sooner! 


Common Sense T&C Applies:

There are almost no special Terms and Conditions. Just follow the common sense rule. 

  • If you already have medical masks or hand sanitizer, please, think if you really need more while someone has none. Instead, please, tell about this initiative to those who may require the assistance. 
  • We limited the offer to 1 kit per household. However, we understand that circumstances can be different. If you require more personal protection items, please, let us know via any of the available communication channels and we can see what we can do. 
  • We offer kits as they last. If we see a demand from the community and will be able to procure more, we will do so.
  • The Kits will be sent to the address provided within 2-3 days via Australian Post from Sydney, so we expect the delivery time should be about 3-5 days depending on the destination. Do not expect fancy parcel as we try to minimize unnecessary costs for postage and would rather spend this money on more additional personal protection kits.
  • As an Australian company, we do take your privacy seriously and won’t compromise any personal information.


 Be Wise. Stay Home. Stay Safe and take care of loved ones.       



Please note we are not in a position of providing professional medical advice and cannot guarantee that the mask will fully protect from the Corona Virus COVID-19. Follow the advice of the medical authority and use the mask in combination with other personal protective items. Avoid public places and stay home if possible.

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