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Great 12 Reasons To Switch To Solar Lighting If You Live In Australia

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Environmental awareness continues to increase around the world and particularly in Australia with one of the highest potentials for green energy on the planet. Today, in 2024, more Australians are looking for ways to express their eco-friendly values and put them into action. As it turns out, one of the most efficient and affordable ways to effectively reduce carbon footprint is to switch to solar lights. These LED fixtures are powered entirely by the solar energy stored on the rechargeable battery cells and can be deployed in various circumstances for residential and commercial applications.

Here are 12 great reasons to switch to solar energy, especially for solar lighting around the property, including home, garden, front- and backyard, patio, veranda, garage and literally any other outdoor space you would like to light up. See how business can also benefit from utilizing solar powered fixtures in everyday activities without paying a fortune for the electricity costs.


1. Solar Is A Clean Energy Source.  

First of all, if you consider yourself as an environment-conscious person and looking for a greener energy solution, solar power may be a great way to proceed. Going Green is not just the trendiest thing right now, but it also helps to protect our planet and minimize the human impact on it.

As a response to fossil fuel’s pollution, solar energy is a sustainable alternative for everyday usage. Solar lights are powered by solar energy that is eco-friendly.


2. Reduce Carbon Foot Print Is Simple

Second, solar energy represents a great response to the expanding carbon footprint, which is widely recognized as the main problem impacting the environment. However, it is possible to reduce the carbon footprint for each of us by just switching to solar powered lighting. One step at a time, doing the right thing, can make a dramatic difference.

In fact, lights are one the most used electrical appliances in Australian households, with a share of 16-20% of the total carbon footprints. This can be eliminated if we switch to greener solar lighting products.


3. Solar Is Renewable And Sustainable  

Third, solar is a fully renewable source of energy. The sun is always out and will never run out of power. Even when it is cloudy days, there is always enough to power the lighting products with photovoltaic panels.

If you need to sort out the lighting that does not need energy top-up at home or a business premise, just install a solar fixture.


4. Solar Is Undisputed Alternative To Remote Areas With No Power Grid

A solar lighting system can be installed virtually anywhere as long as there is a sunny spot to place the solar panel while the actual lighting fixture can be installed away from it. There is no need to run the cord from the power grind anymore to arrange the lighting at the back of the house around the shed or near a swimming pool. Solar powered lights allow making this transition incredibly easily without any hassle or hazards. 

Additionally, the solar lighting fixtures are so flexible that it allows powering even parts of the property that does not receive direct sunlight. LED products with remote solar panels and even remote controls can assist with such a challenge.

Independence in the power source for the crucial lighting pays off. With solar power lights, power cuts or blackouts are irrelevant. Once the sun goes down, these LED fixtures operate from the batteries on the stored solar energy.


5. Solar Lighting is Becoming More Diverse To Meet Any Needs 

Need reliable lighting on the boat dock or parking lot? No problem! Today there are so many types of lights and lamps powered by the sun on the market, so there is the right product for any project and demand.

Whether you are looking for a solar light of a specific size, brightness or purpose, there will always be one. Need to illuminate the porch or a walkway in a front yard? If you are aiming to transform the outdoor garden deck into a cozy and intimate family space or just get some light for a BBQ area? It is all covered with sun-powered light.


6. Solar Powered Lights Are Easy To Install

No doubts, one of the greatest things about products with photovoltaic solar panels is that they have a fair, simple installation. In most cases, there is no need even for basic wiring, the process requires just a few bolts to mount the fixture in place.

With solar powered lighting systems, there is no need to worry about a professional installation that can also be costly. Each unit is a stand-alone product that can be placed at almost any place with sunlight access.

What is even more attractive, you do not have to tear up the existing landscape to lead the cables and other elements of the lighting. For instance, if a parking lot requires intended lighting or even a CCTV camera while already has a cement surface in place with a powerline on the other side of the road, this can be a huge issue. With solar lights, there won’t be such a problem with the installation.

Solar Garden Flood Light - 12 reasons to go solar

7. Solar Lights Help To Cut Electricity Costs And Save Money

Initially, it cost some money to buy solar lighting product or install solar panels, however, in a longer run, this can turn out as a good investment that helps to reduce the costs of electricity. The bigger household or outdoor property that requires lighting, the dearer savings can be. Install solar fixtures to the property, and there won’t be any further expenses for electricity or further maintenance like extra cords etc.

Solar LED products function with the power of the battery that got recharged every day from the sunlight to store the energy for the night time. Such setup can also be seen as a cost-saving from the perspective of labour and resources as, for instance, there is no need for a professional electrician or for trenches that usually accompanied the grid power.


8. Solar Lights Require Low Or No Maintenance 

The great thing about solar powered lighting is it is pretty much maintenance-free. When the fixtures are properly installed, they require little-to-no maintenance but for whipping solar panels from the dust and dirt once in a while and changing the batteries every 3-5 years. This is about it: no need to worry about complicated and expensive servicing or maintenance requirements when it comes to solar lights. Solar light fixtures will prove maintenance-free for as long as you own them from day one.


9. Solar Powered Lighting Fixtures Are Safe

An electric bulb or light needs to be handled with skills and care. With electrical appliances, the fear of being electrocuted or of experiencing electric shocks is inevitable. Solar lights, on the other hand, completely remove such risks due to usage of the low voltage. Usually, there is 12 or 24 Volts DC, which makes lighting products powered to be the sun safer to use and install. As a result, such fixtures are DIY and do not require a professional certified installer.


10. Solar Security Lights Protect Your Property

Well-lit property is not just more attractive from the market perspective but also significantly improve security around the premise as none of the burglars would stand in front of a house lit up by solar security lights.

Intruders and other unwanted guests won’t target a property that maintained the lighting around it and surely won’t be able to cut the cord of solar powered lights to stay unnoticed.

Position lighting fixtures around the exterior of your property, and it will dramatically improve its visibility as well as its safety throughout the night. Furthermore, solar lights will help you observe the entire property through the window, even if it is pitch black outside without a single cent of the electricity costs.

Solar powered security lights - 12 reasons to go solar 

11. Solar Lighting Products Are Friendly To Wildlife 

Not many know that solar lights are actually utilized lower lumens per watt than the traditional grid products and therefore, can meet the requirements of dark sky lighting laws and wildlife protection.


12. Solar Lights Can Serve Business Well

No one would argue that “Going Green Is Good”. As a business, you have started using solar energy – wither panels or lighting systems, other companies on the market and customers will notice. According to Renewable Energy Magazine, there is a massive trend in businesses that are starting to demonstrate and even advertise their solar facilities as symbols of values and interest in renewable energy where possible. Consequently, such businesses are becoming more environmentally conscious and got more attention from same-minded stakeholders.


As A Conclusion. Unlimited Benefits Of Solar Lighting Technology

In the modern world of environmental consciousness, most people are looking for more sustainable practices and greener sources of energy. Australia is a great place to start with substantial government support of green energy technology including solar. This is not just about cutting down energy bills or having some other economic benefits. We are as a society are looking for ways of reducing our carbon footprint and become eco-friendly. Solar energy and especially solar powered lighting are playing a key role in the transition and set up the trends. This article highlighted just some major benefits of solar energy and the advantages of the solar lights that are undeniable crucial pieces of the saving the environment puzzle. 


If you find these 12 reasons convincing to switch to solar lights, check out the biggest range of solar lights for more!

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