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Full Spectrum LED Solar Grow Light Greenhouse Indoor Plant Batten Lamp

Maximise plant growth with the Full Spectrum LED Solar Grow Light Greenhouse Indoor Plant Batten Lamp. This advanced, energy-efficient lighting features a high-efficiency 30W solar panel and a powerful 10Ah Lithium Battery for up to 12 hrs of illumination. The full spectrum and red-blue ratio LEDs simulate natural sunlight, enhancing photosynthesis and supporting growth. Ideal for greenhouses, indoor gardens, hydroponic systems, and commercial farming. A durable IP65-rated design ensures reliable performance in any weather. Easy to install with no maintenance.

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Product Features:

- Energy-Efficient Lighting System: Full Spectrum LED Solar Grow Light Greenhouse Batten Plant Lamp is an advanced commercial-grade energy-efficient lighting system powered entirely by Solar Energy in combination with rechargeable battery. 

- Plant Growth Stimulation: The light delivers a Full Spectrum or Red and Blue Ratio of Lighting, simulating natural sunlight, to support various stages of plant growth and development. From seedlings to mature plants, these LED’s setups enhance photosynthesis and promote healthy development.

- Full Planting Care: The light is available in two models suitable for various purposes and goals:

  • Full Spectrum: 100 LED full spectrum chips designed to simulate natural sunlight with a wide range of spectrum, including blue, green, yellow, orange, and red, to meet the needs of plants at different growth stages.
  • Red Blue Ratio: 100 LED Red and 20 LED Blue chips provides with the required 5:1 spectrum ratio designed primarily to meet the artificial light source requirements for plant photosynthesis. 

- High-Quality LED Light Source: top-performance LED chips with high flux and higher colour rendering reducing light loss and allowing plants to obtain sufficient lighting.

- High-Efficiency Solar Panel: Extended and Improved 18V, 30W Solar Panel with high Energy Conversion rate to charge the battery faster in various weather conditions. Detached Solar Panel design with 3m extension cord allows keeping the panel outdoor at the direct sunlight while the light can be operated at shaded locations, greenhouse or indoor. 

- Long-Lasting Power: Powerful 10000mAh (10Ah) Lithium Battery provides longer illumination - up to 12 hours when fully charged.

- Fully Automated Operation: A special built-in light-control system automatically activates the light at dusk and switches it to recharging mode at dawn. There is also On and Off manual switch on the light.

- Durable, Waterproof and Heatproof Design: enhanced IP65 [Full Outdoor Weather Exposure] water and weather resistance including the use of irrigation and watering systems. 

- Wide Application: This solar-powered grow lighting system is a versatile solution suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications in gardens, greenhouses or any space with limited natural sunlight.

- Easy to Install, Set and Operate: User-friendly design, no wiring or any professional installation needed. Due to low voltage system design, it is completely safe.

- No Maintenance or Electricity Cost. 


Full Spectrum LED Solar Grow Light, designed to boost plant growth, delivers reliable, long-lasting, powerful lighting. This solar-powered light simulates natural sunlight, promoting healthy development and is ideal for greenhouses, indoor- and outdoor gardens, hydroponic systems, and various commercial farming. It is widely suitable for multiple application scenarios:


Maximise plant growth with natural sunlight simulation. The detachable solar panel ensures optimal sunlight exposure, making it ideal for the year-round cultivation of vegetables, flowers, and herbs.

Indoor Gardens:

Perfect for urban gardeners or hobbyists, providing full spectrum or red-blue ratio lighting to enhance photosynthesis and plant development in spaces with limited natural light. The automatic dusk-to-dawn operation ensures convenience.

Outdoor Gardens:

Durable, waterproof design suitable for gardens, offering consistent and adequate lighting even in shaded or low-light areas. IP65 rating ensures it withstands various weather conditions and irrigation systems.

Commercial Farming and Horticulture:

Reliable and cost-effective for commercial use, reducing dependency on traditional power sources. Ensures plants receive optimal lighting for maximum growth and yield, with up to 12 hours of illumination from the high-capacity battery.

Research and Educational Institutions:

Ideal for botanical research, plant biology studies, and educational purposes. Provides controlled lighting conditions to study plant growth and development effectively.

Hydroponic Systems:

Enhances hydroponic setups by providing necessary lighting conditions for plant growth without relying on grid electricity. Perfect for indoor and controlled environment agriculture.

Vertical Farming:

Suitable for vertical farming operations where space and lighting efficiency are crucial. Promotes healthy growth in stacked plant beds, maximizing yield per square meter.

Who May Benefit from Using the Full Spectrum LED Solar Grow Light?

  • Home Gardeners: Enhance indoor and outdoor gardens with efficient, reliable lighting.
  • Commercial Growers: Boost productivity and reduce costs with energy-efficient solar lighting.
  • Urban Farmers: Optimize small-space farming operations with versatile, powerful grow lights.
  • Educational Institutions: Provide students with hands-on learning tools for plant biology and horticulture.
  • Research Facilities: Conduct detailed plant growth studies with controlled lighting environments.
  • Hydroponic Farmers: Improve hydroponic systems with sustainable, solar-powered lighting solutions.

Package Included:

1 x LED Batten Light;

1 x Solar Panel;

1 x Installation Kit;

1 x User manual.

Full Spectrum VS Red Blue Ratio: What Should I Shoose?

Full Spectrum:

Full spectrum grow lights are designed to emit light across the entire spectrum of visible light, mimicking natural sunlight. This includes all the colors from violet through to red, and sometimes even beyond into the ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) ranges.

Purpose: The goal is to provide plants with a broad range of light wavelengths that support various stages of growth, from vegetative to flowering stages. Full spectrum lights are often considered ideal because they can provide a balanced light environment that closely resembles natural sunlight.

Red and Blue Ratio:

The red and blue ratio in grow lights refers to the specific balance of red and blue light wavelengths provided by the LEDs. Red and blue light are crucial for photosynthesis and plant growth.

Purpose: Blue light (around 450-495 nm) is essential for vegetative growth as it helps with the development of strong stems and leaves. Red light (around 620-750 nm) is important for flowering and fruiting as it influences the flowering and blooming stages.

Ratio Importance: Different ratios of red to blue light can be tailored to optimize growth for different types of plants or different growth stages. For example, a higher blue light ratio might be used for leafy greens, while a higher red light ratio could be beneficial for flowering plants.

In summary, full-spectrum growth lights provide a wide range of wavelengths similar to natural sunlight. In contrast, the red and blue ratio focuses on optimizing specific wavelengths crucial for plant growth. Both concepts are essential in horticulture lighting but serve different purposes in plant development.

General maintenance tips for solar-powered lights:

- Solar Panel of the Solar Batten (Tri-Proof) Light 50W Tube with Motion Sensor Remote Control should be installed in a well-lit area where it can receive maximum straight sunlight during daytime. Any cover that shades the Solar Panel will affect its ability to absorb sunlight and as a result decrease a device’s performance.

- Clean the surface of the Solar Panel with a soft, slightly moistened cloth with soap and water or a dry brush only. Do not use any corrosive cleaning liquids or chemicals since this may damage the housing surface or impair future operation.

- Keep the Solar Panel free of dirt, debris and snow otherwise the battery will not charge properly or might also shorten battery life or cause a malfunction.

- It is recommended to place the product under the sun for recharging even it is not being used to prevent from dead battery and maximize its life. 

- In case when the product is not being used for a long time, charge it for at least 10 hours by the sun before use. 

Product Details

Data sheet

Item Type
Solar LED Grow Light
Batten Light
Mount Type
Universal: Ceiling or Suspension
Body Color
Body Material
Aluminium + High-Quality ABS
Special Features
Bright 30W Lighting | Plant Growth Stimulation | Unique LED Lighting: Full Spectrum or Red Blue Ratio | Long-Lasting up to 12hrs
Power Supply
Solar Panel with Rechargeable Battery
Solar Panel
18V, 30W Monocrystalline Silicon
Solar Panel Size
650mm x 345mm x 25mm
Battery Type
12.6V Lithium Battery
Battery Capacity
10000mAh (10Ah)
Battery Included
Charging Time
Working Time
up to 12H when fully charged
Rated Power (W)
Light Source
Full Spectrum: 100LED | Red Blue Ratio: 100LED + 20LED
LED Color
Full Spectrum | Red Blue Ratio 5:1
Light Effect
Steady ON
Lighting Beam Angle
Light Brightness
Auto Dusk to Dawn/ Manual Power Switch
Remote Control
Automatic Light Sensor
Yes: Dusk to Dawn
Motion Sensor
Ingress Rating Protection (IP)
Dust Proof
Protected from total dust ingress (IP6-)
Cable Length
Light Dimensions
600mm x 83mm x 68mm
Over-charging & Over discharging circuit
LED Lifespan

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