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Bright Solar Flagpole Light Top-Mount Wide Area LED Down Flag Lighting

The advanced Solar Flagpole Light, available in 200 LED and 266 LED models, is designed for energy efficiency, exceptional brightness & coverage. Delivering 1100/ 2600 lumens with 45° angled LED panels to cover up to 50% more flag area. Extended illumination for up to 10-12 hrs, supported by powerful Lithium batteries. Fully automated operations. IP65-rated protection for all weather conditions. Fitting most in-ground flagpoles. Suitable for residential & commercial applications for the Australian National Flag, corporate flags or advertising materials

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  • 266 LED
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Product Features:

- Bright Solar Flagpole Light Top-Mount Wide Area LED Down Flag Lighting is an advanced energy-efficient, grid-independent, heavy-duty solar-powered light suitable for residential and commercial applications.

- There are two models available:

  • 1. 200 LED new design with brightness and coverage in mind. 
  • 2. 266 LED is the newest design with increased power to deliver brighter outcomes and extra LEDs to cover even larger flag areas right under the top to light the flag up when it is still. 

- Bright Performance delivered by high-quality 200 LED/ 266 LED light beads with total peak outcomes of 1100 lumens/ 2600 lumens.

- Increased Lighting Angle For Flag Coverage. The product is designed with 45° angled LED light panels to increase lighting angle and cover up to 50% more national flag than the standard flag pole light. 266 LED Model comes with an extra 16 LEDs directed downwards to light up the flag even when it is still. 

- Prolonged Working Time up to 10-12 hours of lighting through the night delivered by 3.7V 5200 mAh/ 3.7V 10000mAh Lithium batteries in combination with a smart integrated technology that allows flag pole light automatically reduce the power based on the remaining battery charge.    

- Highly energy-efficient solar panel 5.5V 5.8W/ 5.5V 8.5W designed to recharge the batteries quicker even in partially overcast weather conditions.  

- Fully Automated Operation with a Special built-in Light-control System for day/ night mode detection to control the switch between On and Off from Dusk to Dawn. Once the switch is turned on, the light will be coming up at night automatically.  

- Durable & Weather Resistance. The lamp is made of durable strong ABS material with an IP65 protection rating to ensure it can withstand even harsh Australian weather conditions including extreme sun and heavy rains. 

- Easy & Quick Installation. The product is suitable for most in-ground flagpoles and fits at the top with up to 1.3 cm holes for the ornament fitting. No special knowledge or tools are required. The versatile design allows use the of light as a hanging lamp for camping tents, umbrellas, patios etc. 

- No maintenance or electricity cost. User-friendly design, no wiring or any professional installation needed. 

The product suits most flagpoles with a hole width to fit through the ornament shaft or rigged bolt: 1.3cm (0.55 in). The mount fits most flagpoles with diameters between 40mm and 55mm.


Bright Solar Flagpole Light Top-Mount Flag Lighting delivers strong, reliable, long-lasting lighting and is ideal for lighting up the Australian flag or any national or corporate flags on the top of the in-ground flagpole. 

- Suitable for residential or commercial premises flagpoles or advertising materials. 

- Suitable for flagpoles during camping.

- Can be used as a hanging lamp for a camping tent etc.

Package Included:

Option 1: Light Only - No Mount:

1 x Solar Flagpole Light.

Option 2: Light With Mount:

1 x Solar Flagpole Light.

1 x Flagpole Top Ornament Ball

1 x Flagpole Top Mount* with Pulley Truck

2 x Flag Clamp Hooks

1x Flagpole Cleat with x2 screws

1 x Flagpole Nylon Rope 

Note: The Flag and Flagpole are NOT Included.

Mounting Kit: Top Ornament Ball, Flagpole Truck & Pulley Assemblies are Included in the "Light With Mount" option. 

Flagpole Accessories Hardware Kit can be purchased separately HERE

* The mount fits most flagpoles with diameters between 40mm and 55mm.

Important Information & Activation:

1. As the power of the solar panel is dependent on the sunlight, the LED lighting time is affected by weather, seasons, places, etc.

2. Make sure that the solar panel is not sheltered from the sun, which would prevent the battery from charging properly.

3. Once the product is received, test it before installation as in some cases the light may arrive with a discharged battery due to storage and transportation. If necessary, recharge it under direct sunlight for a couple of days before installation.

4. To test the product, please press the on/ off button. To activate the light, cover the solar panel to imitate the dark night environment (use a towel or turn the product with the solar panel facing down) so the auto daylight sensor triggers the lighting. Uncover the solar panel and the light will automatically turn off meaning the switch and sensor are working correctly.     

5. Install the light. In most cases, you will have to unscrew the ornament from the top of your flagpole and place the solar light atop the pulley assembly, with the solar panels facing up. Screw the ornament back, securing the flagpole light. 

Installation & Fitting:

Under this product description, we supply Solar Flagpole Light only, not including the mounting top kit!

1. The product suits most flagpoles with a hole width to fit through the ornament shaft or rigged bolt: 1.3cm (0.55 in). The light sits at the very top of the pole (so the actual size of the pole does not matter);

2. What matters is the fitting at the top of the pole - there should be a pin/ bolt ~1.3cm diameter, which should go through the middle of the light. The light is 5cm high, so the bolt should be long enough to go through the light and be topped with the ornament to secure the light. Please, refer to the diagram. 

Solar flagpole light - Installation & Fitting  

General Maintenance Tips for Solar Lighting Products:

- The solar panel should be installed in a well-lit area where they can receive maximum straight sunlight during the daytime. Any cover that shades the Solar Panel will affect its ability to absorb sunlight and as a result, decrease a device’s performance.

- Clean the surface of the Solar Panel with a soft, slightly moistened cloth with soap and water or a dry brush only. Do not use any corrosive cleaning liquids or chemicals since this may damage the housing surface or impair future operation.

- Keep the Solar Panel free of dirt, debris and snow otherwise the battery will not charge properly or might also shorten battery life or cause a malfunction.

- It is recommended to place the product under the sun for recharging even it is not being used to prevent from a dead battery and maximize its life. 

- In a case when the product is not being used for a long time, charge it for at least 10 hours by the sun before use. 

- Please, keep the product away from the fire to prevent explosion hazards.

Product Details

Data sheet

Item Type
Solar Flagpole Light
Mount Type
Flagpole Mount
Body Color
Body Material
Special Features
Bright Performance | Increased Lighting Angle by 50% |Prolonged Working Time up to 10-12 hrs | Auto Operation | Maintenance-Free Setup
Power Supply
Solar Panel with Rechargeable Battery
Solar Panel
200 LED - 5.5V 5.8W | 266 LED - 5.5V 8.5W
Battery Type
3.7 Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Battery Capacity
200 LED - 5200 mAh | 266 LED - 10000mAh
Battery Included
Charging Time
Working Time
up to 10-12 hrs when fully charged
Light Source
200 LED | 266 LED
LED Color
Colour Temperature
Light Effect
Steady ON
Lighting Output (lm)
1100lm/ 2600lm peak output
Automatic Light Sensor
Motion Sensor
Ingress Rating Protection (IP)
Protected from low pressure water jets from any direction (IP65)
Dust Proof
Protected from total dust ingress (IP6-)
Light Dimensions
26.5cm x 5cm | 32cm x 5cm
200 LED - 26.5cm | 266 LED - 32cm
Most flagpoles with width of hole to fit through ornament shaft or rigged bolt: 1.3cm (0.55 in)
Overall rating
2 Reviews
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Product Enquiry
    Could you please advise me on what width of the pole it will fit? Product: Bright Solar Flagpole Light Top-Mount Wide Area LED Down Flag Lighting

    Thank you for reaching out with your query about the Bright Solar Flagpole Light Top-Mount Wide Area LED Down Flag Lighting. It's great to hear you are considering this product for your flagpole lighting needs.

    Pole Width Compatibility:

    Our Bright Solar Flagpole Light is designed to accommodate most standard flagpoles. It is important to note that the fitting size is critical here. The product is compatible with flagpoles that have a hole width to fit through the ornament shaft or a rigged bolt of approximately 1.3 cm (0.55 inches) in diameter.

    Installation Specifics:

    The light is mounted at the very top of the pole. Therefore, the overall pole width is not a limiting factor. The essential aspect is the top fitting of the pole, where there should be a pin or bolt of about 1.3 cm diameter. This bolt goes through the middle of the light fixture.

    Height and Bolt Length:

    The light unit itself is about 5 cm high. Thus, the bolt or pin used for mounting should be long enough to pass through the light and still allow for securing the ornament or other topping that holds the light in place.

    For further clarity, please refer to the provided diagram on our website, which visually explains the installation process. We have a wide variety of Solar flagpole lights available for purchase.

    We hope this information helps you in assessing the compatibility of our Bright Solar Flagpole Light with your flagpole. If you have any more questions or need additional guidance, please feel free to contact us. 

    Solar flagpole light Installation Fitting Diagram 


    Please note that we supply the light only. The Flag, Flagpole, Top ornament ball, Flagpole Truck, & Pulley Assemblies are not included.


    Best Regards,

    Support Team

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