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Sunflower Electronic Solar repeller for pests like mice rats snakes ants

Outdoor Sunflower design Solar powered repeller with Sonic Waves is an effective deterrent device in expelling snakes and other cold-blooded creatures, underground pests including rodents like mice, rats, moles etc. Completely energy independent and waterproof stylish electronic deterrent utilizes sonic wave vibration technology to protect home, garden, yard, farm, parks and any other outdoor areas all the time.

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Outdoor Sunflower shape Solar powered repeller with Sonic Waves is a stylish and effective DIY deterrent device efficient against snakes and other cold-blooded creatures, underground pests and rodents including mice, rats, moles, ants etc. The operation principle of the repeller is based on emitting sonic waves with a particular frequency that transforms into vibration transmitted through the ground and can be felt by different creatures and pests

According to scientific research, snakes, rodents and other small cold-blooded and underground creatures are very sensitive to sonic vibration and take it as a life threat that forces animals to escape the epicentre of the waves.

The electronic repeller is powered by solar and does not require any cords or additional sources of energy that makes it universal, totally autonomous and maintenance free product which can be installed almost anywhere with the direct access of the sun. A solar panel charges the battery during the day and runs the repeller through the day and night.  

The deterrent product is environment-friendly, totally safe for humans and pets, easy to install and operate with Plug-&-Play design.


Sunflower electronic Solar powered repeller with Sonic Wave effect has the following features:

- Powered by Solar in combination with a rechargeable battery that makes it eco-friendly and energy-efficient product;

- Efficient in expelling snakes, other cold-blooded creatures, underground pests and rodents including mice, rats, moles etc

- Effective range is up to 625 square meters around the device.

- 360-degree Poison and Chemical Free protection, non-lethal sonic vibration wave technology that stimulates the nervous system of pests.

- The unique Sunflower design makes the product suitable for any outdoor area and for landscaping.

- Completely safe for people, children and pets. Do not harm any kind of animals including rodents, birds and snakes, just scare them away;

- Durable construction, Waterproof and heatproof: enhanced water and weather resistance.

- Easy to setup, install and operate. User-friendly Plug-&-Play design, no wiring or any professional installation needed.

- Fully automated operational process all the time. No maintenance or electricity costs. 

Solar sonic waves repeller is ideal for the following purposes:

The product is suitable for any outdoor areas with direct sunlight including a home with surrounding area, patio, porch, garden, backyard, larger areas like farms and crop fields, parks etc. 

The package included:

1 x Electronic Sunflower head Solar repeller.

1 x User manual.


Solar sonic wave repeller's assemble and installation notes:

1. Unpack the product completely to make sure all parts are present.

2. Connect the repeller’s head, pole sections, joining part and ground stake together.

3. Turn the power switch to ON position. The product designed to be switched ON all the time.

4. The product is now ready for installation. Place the device in a required area under the direct sunlight to keep the batteries fully charged. Make sure that the repeller is located at the right place within the effective expelling range from the targeted area.

5. Keep the solar repeller’s head about 9-10 inches above the ground for the best effect.

6. Install the device on the ground with care to prevent it from breaking against the hard ground. We advise even to prepare the ground for the ground stake to avoid damages to the item. Be careful with the sharp end of the ground stake.

7. Leave the product to allow it to operate automatically.

8. After some time the battery may start reducing in efficiency and we recommend replacing them after about year or year and a half with AA type 1.2V NiMH rechargeable battery.



● Solar repeller should operate continuously for best results.

● The device is waterproof, however, do not immerse it in the water. We also recommend removing it from extreme weather conditions such as hail, flooding and snow.

● Please, be careful when removing the repeller device from the ground to avoid breaking the connecting wires. We recommend unplugging the wires before removing the spike from the ground.

● Do not cover-up the repellent.

● Always use a damp soft cloth and mild soap with water to clean the item. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning agents that may damage the product.


Disclosure: please note that Sunny Bunny Solar Power Store as a retail entity is unable to sufficiently test and assess the product’s features and only advertise characteristics of the products provided by suppliers. We recommend our customers to do their own research to find out whether products suit the desired purpose.


General maintenance tips about how to improve Solar Panel’s life and efficiency of sunflower solar powered sonic repeller:

- Solar Panel should be installed in a well-lit area where it can receive maximum straight sunlight during daytime. Any cover that shades the Solar Panel will affect its ability to absorb sunlight and as a result decrease a device’s performance.

- Clean the surface of the Solar Panel with a soft, slightly moistened cloth with soap and water or a dry brush only. Do not use any corrosive cleaning liquids or chemicals since this may damage the housing surface or impair future operation.

- Keep the Solar Panel free of dirt, debris and snow otherwise the battery will not charge properly or might also shorten battery life or cause a malfunction.

- It is recommended to place the product under the sun for recharging even it is not being used to prevent from a dead battery and maximize its life.

- In a case when the product is not being used for a long time, charge it for at least 10 hours by the sun before use.


* SPECIAL OFFER: discount applies automatically at the check-out process.

Product Details

Data sheet

Item Type
Solar Pest Repeller
Mount Type
Ground Stake Mount
Body Color
Green/ Yellow/ Silver
Body Material
ABS + aluminium tube
Special Features
Sunflower unoque design/ Sonic Wave Vibration technology/ efficient up to 625sqm
Power Supply
Solar Panel with Rechargeable Battery
Battery Type
1.2V, Ni-Mh rechargeable battery
Battery Capacity
300 mAh
Charging Time
Working Time
Continuously during the day + ~8h at night when fully charged
Motion Sensor
Repeller Effect
Sonic Wave Vibration
Effective Range
up to 625 sqm
Operating Frequency
Ingress Rating Protection (IP)
Protected from water spray from any direction (IP64)
Dust Proof
Overall rating
1 Review

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