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Acousto-Optic LED Ultrasonic Solar birds repeller with wall mount

Featured model of Acousto-Optic LED Ultrasonic Solar Powered Bird repeller and Pest Deterrent with LED strobe light and PIR Motion Sensor is designed to protect your garden, garbage bins, fruit trees, lawn and flower beds any unwanted birds, bats, wild animals and pests. The repellent device has wall mount and uses both Ultrasonic Waves and LED strobe lights flash to scare animals away.

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Acousto-Optic LED Ultrasonic Solar birds repeller and Pest Deterrent item equipped with LED strobe light and PIR Motion Sensor is made to protect outdoor areas including gardens, fruit trees, lawn, garden, flower beds, backyards, garbage bins, crop fields etc. from different pests including unwanted birds, bats, wild animals, cats, dogs, foxes, rodents like rabbits, moles, rats etc. The Solar Panel charging repellent is specifically designed for outdoor usage and therefore fully weatherproof. The protecting device has PIR Motion Sensor that detects movement in the certain range and activates the repelling effect. The repeller transmits Ultrasound Waves that can be felt by birds and animals and blasts Flashing LED Strobe Lights to deter pest creatures.

This newly upgraded model of Solar powered bird repeller with wall mount features superior power and efficiency that will expel even the most annoying animals from your property. 

Check out Acousto-Optic LED Ultrasonic Solar birds repeller and Pest Deterrent features:

- Powered by Solar Panel that makes it Eco-friendly and Energy-efficient products;

- Keeps most kind of birds, bats, wild animal, pests and rodents away from the garden or lawns by utilizing Ultrasonic Wave Sound in combination with flashing LED strobe light;

- Effective in repelling and deterring various birds and wild animals such as cats, dogs, foxes, rodents including rabbits, rats, mouse, moles etc. Suitable for driving field and forest bird.

- Motion sensor picks up movement up to 8-10m radius with 110-120 degree range.

- Easy and safe to operate, does not use Poison or Chemical.

- Do not harm people, animals, birds and pets, but just scare them away.

- Wall mount makes it convenient to protect a house or fence.

- Zero maintenance costs. No electric cords and wires required.


Ideal for: protecting a house, gardens, fruit trees, lawn, garden, flower beds, backyards, garbage bins, crop fields and other types of outdoor property from unwanted birds and wild animals, pests, rodents without extra effort and costs. 

For whom: for someone who is looking for a smart and efficient way of deterring pests, rodents and wild animals without using Toxic Chemicals and Poisons by utilizing Environment-friendly green source of power. 


Package Included:

1 x LED Ultrasonic Solar birds repeller;

1 x Manual.


Acousto-Optic LED Ultrasonic Solar powered birds repeller and Pest Deterrent features assemble and installation notes to deliver the best operational results

1. Unpack the product completely and confirm that all parts are present.

2. Connect the Solar Repeller head, pole sections, connecting part and ground stake together.

3. Turn Power Switch to ON position.

4. The PIR Motion Sensor of repeller is designed to be Turned ON all the time to operate continuously. Do not cover-up the PIR Sensor.

5. The Deterrent Device is now ready for setup. The location should allow adequate sunlight to keep the batteries fully charged. Make sure that the area that does require protection is within the effective range of the repeller.

6. For best results, keep the Repeller’s head roughly 9-10 inches above the ground.

7. The deterrent device is waterproof; however, do not immerse it in water or any other liquid.


Ultrasonic LED Solar bird Repeller’s Operational recommendations:

- Continuously use the Animal Repeller.

- The device is safe for home pets, however, we strongly recommend to keep it away or turn it OFF if pets are playing around the protected area.


Maintenance tips on how to improve Solar Panel Product’s life and efficiency:

- Solar Panel should be installed in a well-lit area where it can receive maximum straight sunlight during daytime. Any cover that shades the Solar Panel will affect its ability to absorb sunlight and as a result decrease a device’s performance.

- Clean the surface of the Solar Panel with a soft, slightly moistened cloth with soap and water or a dry brush only. Do not use any corrosive cleaning liquids or chemicals since this may damage the housing surface or impair future operation.

- Keep the Solar Panel free of dirt, debris and snow otherwise the battery will not charge properly or might also shorten battery life or cause a malfunction.

- It is recommended to place the product under the sun for recharging even it is not being used to prevent from a dead battery and maximize its life.

- In the case when the product is not being used for a long time, charge it for at least 10 hours by the sun before use.


* SPECIAL OFFER: discount applies automatically at the check-out process.

Product Details

Data sheet

Item Type
LED Ultrasonic Solar birds repeller
Mount Type
Wall mount
Body Color
Dark Green
Body Material
ABS Plastic - outdoor grade
Special Features
Ultrasonic Waves and LED strobe flash light;Light sensor & Pyroelectric infrared sensor;Low Voltage Alarm: Red-LED flashing with 0.5Hz
Power Supply
Solar Panel with Rechargeable Battery
Battery Type
4 x AA, Ni-MH rechargeable built-in batteries, 4.8V
Battery Capacity
Battery Included
Light Effect
LED strobe flashing
Lighting Output (lm)
Motion Sensor
Range of Motion
Repeller Effect
Ultrasonic Waves and Strong flashing LED
Dust Proof
15 cm
Overall rating
2 Reviews
solar birds repeller(1)

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